Laser Tattoo Removal 

All bookings for Laser Tattoo Removal include a consultation, This is charged at £25 and will be fully refunded from your total cost when the treatment is complete. 

Prices start at £25.00 per session for smaller tattoos increasing to £45.00 for larger tattoos.

Block bookings of 5 sessions will receive a 10% discount  £202

Block bookings of 10 session will receive 20% discount £360

Carbon Facial Peel

Free consultation but patch test required. 

Skin types that are very fair, fair skinned caucasian, or pale skinned Caucasian can have the treatment 15 mins after patch test providing there are no reactions to the treatment. 

Olive skin type will need a longer duration left between patch and treatment to see if any reactions have occurred. 

Prices start at £40 per session 

Block bookings of 4 sessions will receive a 10% discount  £144

Block bookings of 8 session will receive 20% discount £256