A place to unwind.


Founded by Wynta Chant, Revamp Clinic is just a 5-minute drive from Ventura Retail Park, Tamworth. 

Offering Laser Tattoo Removal, Carbon Facial peels and Sports Massage the team are highly trained practitioners, and therapists using high-grade lasers in a safe, clinical environment.

We offer a consultation before any treatment at our clinic where you will receive a full explanation of the procedure, and we will discuss matters that influence treatments and of course the results.  It's also vital that we review the risks and benefits together and set realistic expectations.

You can even ask any questions, complete the client primary consultation form, we have your bests interests at heart and will also want to understand your health history, any medical conditions and evaluate and medications you may be taking and finally evaluate the skin providing full pre-care and aftercare information.

A patch test is required, and consultation is needed on all treatments, some consultations may incur a fee, to find out more get in touch via our contact page.